Friday, September 29, 2006

Body Fat Monitor

If you are serious about losing excess body weight or maintaining good health then I recommend looking into a body fat monitor. A lot of people that are trying to lose weight simply rely on the output from the scale to determine if their current weight loss efforts are a success or failure. Unfortunately relying on a scale alone is a mistake if your are trying to lose weight. Think about it, what if the weight loss is from a loss of water or even worse muscle. There are a lot of crazy diets out there and any diet that has you dropping ten pounds in one week is fooling you into thinking that you lost ten pounds of fat. In reality you probably lost mostly water or muscle weight

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Increase Metabolism

My wife and I decided to change our lifestyle in November 2005 and made a commitment to each other to eat better. Now my wife is someone who has always struggled with her weight. She has tried diet after diet and had marginal succes at best. I decided to help her out and implement the same dieting principles that I used when I was a competitive bodybuilder. Well to this date I am happy to announce that my wife has dropped 50 pounds and looks like a completely new person. She still has more to go to reach her personal goal but the key is that she is doing it slowly and using tricks that help her increase her metabolism.

If you are in a dieting rutt and want to try something new that will increase your metabolism then I recommend you take a look at my diet site The site is full of free fat burning tips that will surely get you to the body of your dreams. Now it is not easy but I promise you, it is worth it.

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Ab Lounge Ultra Review

A couple of post ago I made a recommendation for the ABLounge and how I felt it really does workout the abdominal muscles. I even challenged those that are scepticle to go down to their local Academy, or sporting goods store, and try one themselves.

One of the newer versions of the ABLounge is the Ab Lounge Ultra. The Ab Lounge Ultra has pretty much the same functionality with a few more features. The biggest benefit the Ab Lounge Ultra has over the ABLounge is the quality of the equipment. However improved quality does dictate price so there is an increase in the cost. If you feel that you need to try this equipment out for yourself then I extend the same recommendation to head down to your local sporting goods store. You can also see a full review on the Ab Lounge Ultra by clicking here.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Skydiving Granny

Ok, this one is a little off topic but a couple of years ago my mom decided to take up skydiving. My mom had always wanted to skydive and on her 50th birthday she decided to give it a try. A couple years later my mom has well over 100 skydives under her belt and is what I would consider a skydiving fanatic.

Now for me skydiving is not my thing. I'm afraid of heights and have two little ones at home that I am responsible for. Although skydiving can be very safe, there is always an element of risk which I personally do not want to add until my little ones are grown up and on their own (plus my wife would kill me).

Anyways, if you are a thrill seaker and interested in skydiving then you should check out Skydiving Granny ( . The site will grow over time and will become a great resource for information on skydiving.

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Ablounger Review

If you are looking for an exercise equipment to train your abs with then I recommend taking a look at the Ab Lounge (also referred to on the web as the Ablounger). If done properly the Ablounger does give a great workout for the abdominal muscles. The key to maximizing the exercise is the way you exhale during the contaction stage of the movement (when you bring your chest towards your knees). As you exhale you will want to squeeze your abdominal muscles to maximize the contraction. Take your time during the exercise and make sure that you are lifting the weights versus using momentum.

You can read my full review on the Ab Lounge here.

If you are sceptical about this exercise equipment then I recommend you take a trip down to your local Academy to try one out for yourself. They also carry the Ab Chair if you want to make a comparison against that machine as well (at least the Academy by my house carries them). If you do not have an Acedemy near your home then I recommend checking with your local sporting goods store to see if they may carry the Ablounger.

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