Monday, May 01, 2006

Outsourcing Webcomics Anyone

This is a little off topic from Health and Fitness related information but what the hec. I have a new webcomic, also called online comic, out. I started the comic about 8 - 9 months ago but have shelved it due to time constraints. However, I'm committed to it now an plan to update it every Mon, Wed and Fri for the time being.

The comic is called Gary the Fairy and it is about a fairy whose job has been outsourced. The comic strip will take you through the various jobs that Gary does since leaving the fairy industry. I will also include some random quirky jokes in the comic for a little variety.

The site is not 100% complete yet but you should be able to access the comics, funny thought of the day and insulting horoscopes without any issue. You can see more by clicking here for the webcomic.