Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Supplement Deals

If you are shopping for good deals on supplements then you should checkout They usually carry weekly deals and have some great prices on supplements like Prolab Glutamine.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Muscle building tips

For those of you looking for some creative ways to add muscle I've posted a few new articles on The three articles that I have posted are written by Nick Nilsson who is the Vice-President of the online personal training company BetterU. BetterU offers a variety of fitness ebooks that help people improve their abs, lose weight, gain muscle, etc...

The articles that I have found the most interesting are:

How to Gain Muscle by Eating No Protein - Nick talks about a carb and protein deplication program that makes your body more receptive to protein. Great idea that I will be using myself next week. If you have ever competed in a bodybuilding show before the ideas presented in this article really make sense.

How Stretching Can Explode Your Muscle Growth - I've been stretching inbetween sets at the gym for a few years now and really believe it is important for adding additional muscle growth. The artilce goes into details on how and why you should stretch the muslces when they are pumped up.

Daily Specialization Training - Transform Your Weakest Bodypart Into Your Strongest - Bodyparts! - another great concept that I have already put into practice. I've been experimenting on myself by doing handstand pushups (not an easy task) to improve my shoulders. I'll let you get the details from the article and recommend you give it a try yourself.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

New Balance Elliptical Trainer Reviews

We have added some reviews for a couple of the New Balance elliptical trainers:

The New Balance 8.0E Elliptical Trainer is a solid machine that comes at a very reasonable price. This elliptical offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance, a built-in Heart Rate Monitor and the opportunity to workout in both a forward and reverse motion. - Read More


New Balance 9.0E - The New Balance 9.0E Elliptical Trainer is a great machine that offers the same benefits as the New Balance 9.0E elliptical trainer. Some of the great features included with this elliptical is the oversized foot pedals and the ability to workout in both the forward and reverse motion. However the New Balance 9.0E is a sturdier machine with a few more additional features. - Read More

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Benefits of Glutamine

If you workout and are serious about putting on muscle then you really should consider adding L Glutamine to your supplementation program. Glutamine has some amazing properties which we will cover in detail below. Glutamine is a nonessential amino acid that is the most abundant amino acid in the blood and muscle tissue. Since glutamine is a nonessential amino acid the body makes it on its own. Glutamine can also be found in high protein foods such as fish, meat, beans and dairy products (milk, cheese, etc). However, glutamine is not only found in meat, there are also some vegetables, such as spinach, that also contain glutamine. - Read More

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle

The Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle includes cardio, stretching and body sculpting moves all in one workout machine. The Gazelle Freestyle comes with an onboard computer to track results, personal training video and healthy eating guide.

* 10 exercises in one workout
* Folds for storage ability
* Workout computer tracks estimated calories burned
* Holds up to 300 pounds
* 90 day limited warranty

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Smooth 5.25 Treadmill Review

The Smooth 5.25 Treadmill replaces the 5.15 model with a wider running surface, better electronics and larger rollers for the same amount of money.
One of the top treadmills on the market for the under $1000 price range

* Powerful 2.5 HP Continuous Motor
* 20" Wide Running Belt
* Seven Challenging Preset Programs
* Dual-Stage, Soft Drop Folding
* Lifetime Warranty on Frame and Motor

- Read More

Friday, April 07, 2006

Bun and Thigh Rocker Reviews

Bun and Thigh Rocker - The Bun and Thigh Rocker's unique arc allows you to exercise the six major muscle groups of the lower body in one setting. This machine works out and focuses on trimming and toning the hips, thighs and buns. The Body by Jake Bun and Thigh Rocker is also adjustable to you. The machine comes with adjustable resistance bands that allow you to increase the difficulty as you become more advance. You simply increase or decrease the tension to adjust the level of difficulty for your workout. - Read More

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Bun and Thigh Max Reviews

Bun and Thigh Max - There are a lot of people that would love to lose weight and firm up their lower body and the Bun and Thigh Max is an infomercial product that promises great results for the lower regions. The Bun and Thigh Max works out the lower body with its unique design to exercise the inner thighs, quadriceps, the calves, buns and hamstrings. The Bun and Thigh Max is a package deal and the exercise machine is not all that you get to help you reach your goals. - Read More

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Physical Fitness for the Middle Aged

Middle Age hits us all, mostly right in the stomach! We look in the mirror, and the person looking back at us does not look happy. Years of stress, improper eating, not enough sleep, and lack of exercise has begun to take its toll on our bodies. Each year, our energy levels seem to be zapped. When we come home from work, we sit on the couch, watch TV (thank God for the remote control!), eat improperly, go to sleep, wake up tired, and start the day all over again. Do you ever feel like you are walking down a spiral staircase? The further down you go it seems like you pick up momentum and are now walking down faster than before. - Read More

Cardio Cruiser Review

Cardio Cruiser - The Cardio Cruiser is another exercise machine that wears the Body by Jake brand. One of the strengths behind this machine is that it works out 95% of the body in just one exercise. So how does it accomplish this one may ask, well the Cardio Cruiser basically mergers three workout machine into one. - Read More

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Four Count Bicep Workout Shock Routine

Are your bicep workouts getting stale? If so then "Four Counts" may be what you are looking for to spice up your bicep training routines. Now before we begin I would like to state that this is a great way to shock the muscles, I don't recommend you train this way every week. One of my favorite shock routines I like to add to my training is program that I call "Four Counts". The "Four Count" principle is based on the speed of the repetition in a set. The mechanics behind "Four Counts" is simple: the positive movement of an exercise consists of two seconds while the negative movement of an exercise consists of four seconds. Let me use my bicep workout routine as an example - Read More

Bodyblade Exercise Stick Review

Bodyblade - The Bodyblade is more than a gimmicky piece of exercise equipment; it is also a tool that helps with rehabilitation, balance, coordination and improvement in sports performance. If you are not familiar with the Bodyblade, it is an exercise stick that has some resemblance to a double-sided sword. - Read More

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

BMI Calculations

I'm not a fan of BMI since it really is not a good health indicator for the entire population. Anyone with a musclular physique is going to get results that do not accurately indicate the health condition. I have outlined the reasons why I do not agree with BMI in the following link:

BMI indicator

Hip and Thigh Sculptor review

Hip and Thigh Sculptor - The Body by Jake brand has created a name for itself by setting a standard in quality exercise equipment. Find out if the Hip and Thigh Sculptor lives up to the brand reputation. We will discuss the positives and negatives for the machine in addition to the workout it models - Read More

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As Seen on TV Reviews

Our As Seen on TV review list has grown so large that I have split the reviews into the following pages:

As Seen on Ab Machine Reviews - all ab machine reviews. Find out which ones are good and which ones are a bad investment.. - Read More

As Seen on TV Exercise Equipment Reviews - all product reviews that are not related to home gyms or ab machines. This list is growing so check back regulary - Read More

As Seen on TV Home Gym Reviews - reviews on the different home gyms available. Examples like the Bowflex gyms, Total gyms and more. - Read More

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