Friday, December 16, 2005

The new me

My wife joined a contest at work were the person that loses the most weight by January 23 wins around $300. I know if makes more sense to track who lost the highest percentage of their weight but I guess they decided to run the contest based on a straight pound per pound loss. Being the good husband that I am ;-) I decided to diet with my wife (gives her moral support and helps her stick with her diet).

I've been wanting to diet for awhile now anyways, I have not competed in a bodybuilding contest since 1999 and I am carrying way too much body fat. I pretty much saw this as a great opportunity to get rid of the gut and to start the New Year off with a bang. We started our diet three days before Thanksgiving and have done really well in a three week period of time. For those of you that think I am crazy for dieting over the holidays I do allow a cheat day once a week to keep the metabolism guessing. I have written an article about cheat meals on the following link:

So how well have we done in the past three weeks? Well my wife has lost around 17 pounds and I have lost somewhere around 11. We both have a ways to go to reach our goals but we have made good progress in a short amount of time. The only details I'll cover the right now are that we are losing weight by diet and exercise only! No diet pills or anything else has been added. Just a good ol' diet and workout program have done the trick.

I'll post more updates in the blog as time goes on. Until then, take care.